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MasterTrader Rankings

NoNameMin DepositGainAbs. GainMax. Drawdown
1MASTERTRADER15000 USD6.86%2.58 %1.69%
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Why the HotForex MasterTrader

  • Institutional Meets Retail
    HotForex now gives you the exclusive opportunity to have your account managed by Professional Wealth Management Traders and Trading Systems.
  • Diversify Between Several Trading Programs: You have the ability to use one account in order to invest in several MasterTrader Programs (Titans) at the same time and therefore be your own Fund Manager.
  • Monitored and Verified Performance
    We have done the work and covered the cost in order to confirm performance results during several months of pre-launch trading. Where possible we have obtained official verified statements.
  • Full 100% STP Execution
    No conflict of interest and therefore you can be sure that the performance of all the Strategies will be optimized.
  • Low Risk Strategies Employed
    The HotForex MasterTrader Program is are here to stay. We have carefully selected the trading teams and trading strategies in order to ensure that their trading offers an attractive blend of risk and reward.
  • Suitable For High Net Worth, Corporate and Institutional Accounts
    The MasterTrader Programs are managed by trading teams experienced in trading substantial sized accounts, up to millions of dollars, with trading strategies designed for safety and long term growth.
  • Exclusive Proprietary Trading Systems*
* Certain strategies exclusive to HotForex MasterTrader